Saturday, 3 December 2016

Sunset on the Train

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When it's nearing sunset and it's been a very clear day, why not try taking the LRT train to any station that is situated between the Ampang Park and Gombak stations? If you really enjoy watching the sun going down, then you should try this.
I did it once. It was a clear day and the setting sun had begun to project a warm orange colour on the sky. I took the train from KLCC station towards Wangsa Maju, and discovered a nice sunset view along the way. I got to see the KL Twin Towers and other high-rise buildings in the capital being engulfed by the rays of the setting sun.
Pity I was too stunned by the beauty of the scenery that I never thought of disembarking at any of the stations along the way to get a clear photo (you can also attempt taking a photo from the train, if you can control the shaking effect from a moving train).
I eventually got off the train at the Wangsa Maju station. Luckily the station is an elevated one, so I still managed to catch a glimpse of the KL Twin Towers and the KL Tower in the sunset, albeit at a much farther distance. It could have been prettier if I disembarked at a station closer to KLCC, as the Twin Towers would be more prominent in the picture.

This scenery was photographed from the elevated Wangsa Maju LRT station

But anyway, this moment really made my day and I spent the whole night looking at the picture over and over again :)