Saturday, 25 January 2014

Destination: Perlis, Malaysia (Part 2: The Story of an 'Unfruitful' Trip)

Location: Taman Anggur Perlis & Harumanis Mango Plantation

As soon as I arrived at Perlis' capital city Arau, I quickly rent a car to drive through the northern state. For me, driving through Perlis is easy! Apart from the signboards, the state is also small enough that you WILL find your way somehow.
My first destination was the grape plantations (Taman Anggur Perlis) which I visited just a month ago. Now that I’m driving myself, I got the opportunity to test my memory in recalling the road to that place. So how to reach Taman Anggur Perlis? It’s easy: just follow the signboard to the Snake and Reptile Farm (Taman Ular), or any signboard leading to Batu Pahat. When the Harumanis Mango Plantation is in sight (at your right), stop following the Snake Farm signboard. Just go straight on; the grape plantation is just ahead, on your left.

The panorama around the grape plantation is absolutely gorgeous, with rolling hills and lush greeneries.
Unfortunately, I was not in luck because the grapes on the trees are not yet available for picking. If you are lucky you can experience harvesting some grapes here, at a certain price.

Oh, look at those beautiful grapes! And why, oh why, are you not available for harvest when I came? Sigh..
So I took to the wheel again and stopped at the Harumanis Mango Plantation, only to discover that the Harumanis mango was not in season! There were no fruits on the trees at all...according to one of the men at the plantation office, the Harumanis mango is available in May every year. Okay, so here I am, at the mango plantation, and it’s January. Double unlucky!
Frustrated, I drove further north to my next planned destination, Gua Kelam.